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Who is Billy Bragg

I am a  Christian Conservative Republican. I’ve been married for 46 years. I have four grown children and two grand children. I want them  to live in a country where freedom of speech, the right to worship without violating some Political Correctness law pass by Progressive Democrats.

I want to keep America great, not having politicians who dislike the Constitution and want to change it to a Socialist system like Venezuela and Cuba.  Our children being indoctrinated in our schools instead of learning critical thinking and problem solving.

Billy with the People

Our General Election is


Where do you stand

Let’s protect the freedom of school choice, giving parents a choice to move their children to better schools . Competition make schools better in the bigger picture. It also will improve teachers performance.

We need to fund our police department, more officers more recruitment of qualified young people who really have a heart for this great profession. The progressive liberals want to defund police department across the nation.

Join me in this race to save our war of life.  We must preserve the moral freedom that was set in the forming of this great nation.  Let’s end identity politics we are all Americans in one Nation under God  

I Believe...

I Believe In God

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I Believe In Family

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I Believe In Country


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